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About Us

Overburden Drilling Management Limited (ODM) was founded by entrepreneurial geologist Stuart Averill in 1974 when heavy mineral geochemistry was emerging as the key investigative tool for finding mineral deposits buried under thick overburden.

Based at our laboratory in Ottawa, Canada, our highly experienced staff of exploration geologists hold all key management positions. ODM holds a Certificate of Authorization from the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario.

We work as a partner with our clients to solve exploration problems. Not only do we provide solid expertise in recovery and identification of heavy mineral grains, we offer significant insight into geological and geochemical processes written onto those grains.

Our Team

Donald Holmes, P.Geo
President, Manager of Field Operations
37 years at ODM
Mike Michaud, P.Geo
Vice-President, Director
26 years at ODM
Stuart Averill, P.Geo
Chairman, Founder
47 years at ODM
David Hozjan, P.Geo
Director, GIS Specialist
21 years at ODM
Mike Crawford
Laboratory Manager
36 years at ODM
Remy Huneault, P.Geo
Technical Consultant
35 years at ODM, Recently Retired
Stephen Keays, P.Geo.
Indicator Mineralogist
24 years at ODM
Karen Ovington
Executive Secretary
3 year at ODM
Clara Ma, P.Geo
Indicator Mineralogist
15 years at ODM
Kevin Papineau, B.A.
Concentrate Finishing Supervisor
26 years at ODM
Ben McRae, B.Sc.
Geological Technician
2 years at ODM
Dean Anthony
Geological Technician
16 years at ODM
Mark Cooper, G.I.T.
1 year at ODM
Michel Briere
Geological Technician
10 years at ODM
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