Sediment Sampling Surveys

Reverse Circulation Drilling

ODM's founder, Stuart Averill, pioneered the modification and use of reverse circulation (RC) drills to sample glacial till in areas of deep overburden. ODM also refined gravity concentration methods to efficiently recover gold grains, sulphides and uranium minerals from till samples. ODM has also managed and operated till sampling surveys using helicopter-portable down-the-hole-hammer and rotary air blast (RAB) drills.

ODM made key contributions to the discovery of New Gold's Rainy River gold mine in Ontario, the Golden pond East and West deposits at Casa Beradi, Quebec, the Eagle Point and Collins Bay B-zone uranium deposits in the Athabasca Basin, the Voisey's Bay Ni-Cu-Co deposit in Labrador, and numerous kimberlites across Canada.

Surface Sampling

ODM designs and conducts surface sampling surveys in areas of thin overburden cover in all regions of Canada. From the Cordillera of British Columbia, frost boils of the Arctic and in the forests and bogs of the Abitibi and Newfoundland, ODM has sampled it all.  High-quality till and alluvial sediment samples are vital for an accurate geochemical sampling program. Our geologists and field crews are experts in locating, recognizing and sampling suitable till and alluvial sediments.

Project Management

ODM's comprehensive project management services include:

  • Project design

    • ​​Budgeting

    • Field layout and site preparation

    • Drill procurement

    • Logistics

  • Operations​

    • Drill supervision, hole logging and sample collection

    • Surface pit logging and sample collection

    • Boulder prospecting

    • Training

    • Sample processing

    • Binocular microscope logging of RC bedrock cuttings and boulders

    • Comprehensive data interpretation and reporting