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Quality Control

ODM treats every sample with extra care:

  • Incoming samples are immediately catalogued and organized. A character subsample is archived from every sample.

  • In every circuit, the sample processing sequence and operator is recorded.

  • The quality of the mineral separation is visible at every concentration stage (shaking table, heavy liquid, magnetic, electromagnetic) as well as during final indicator mineral logging; no blind (enclosed) concentrators are used.

  • All shaking tables are customized to eliminate indicator mineral carryover.

  • Blank samples are inserted and processed between projects.

  • Gold grains are observed immediately in the initial tabling circuit and extra blank samples are inserted after anomalous samples.

  • Sieves are meticulously cleaned after each concentrate.

  • All sample fractions and subfractions obtained during processing are weighed and tallied to identify potential sample mix-ups. Any unrecon­cilable weight imbalances are assessed and immediately reported to the client in writing.

  • Regular heavy mineral recovery tests are conducted on all shaking tables.

  • Kimberlite indicator mineral results are controlled by random blind tests on spiked samples with full disclosure of test procedures and results.

  • Unusual mineral grains or other suspect particles observed during gold micropanning or indicator mineral logging are immediately resolved by SEM analysis.

  • Indicator minerals are meticulously organized by species and grain size in separate vials.

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