Overburden Drilling Management Limited ("ODM") is the industry pioneer and global leader in heavy mineral geochemistry and indicator mineral exploration.

ODM's renowned mineral processing laboratory and experienced geological team, founded by Stuart Averill, has pioneered innovative indicator mineral techniques for gold, Ni-Cu-PGE, Cu-Zn-Pb, porphyry Cu, kimberlite (diamond), uranium and rare earth element exploration.

ODM's Mineral Extraction Division specializes in preparing mineral separates for geochronology and isotopic studies.  We are a world leader in utilizing electric-pulse disaggregation (“EPD”) to provide clean and superior mineral separates for researchers from all over the world.

Recent News

February 17, 2021

ODM is hiring Geologists/Mineralogists and Geological Technicians for 2021.

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Kimberlite Indicator Minerals